Thursday, 7 March 2013

Combat Accuracy of the IS-2

In one of my previous articles, I wrote about the accuracy of the D-25 gun mounted on the IS-2. In that test, the gun was fired at a known range, and outside of any danger. Now, let's see how well the IS-2 performed in a combat environment at a similar distance. The following is an excerpt from a report by the 3rd Guards Tank Army, dated May 15, 1944.

"4. Typical engagement distances against various targets.

Tanks armed with the 122 mm gun did not see much combat. They were mainly used for defensive purposes West of Tarnopol. Tanks opened fire at enemy tanks 2200-2400 meters away. During a single battle, Senior Lieutenant Makogonov's tank company destroyed and burned 17 Tiger tanks with direct hits. Of those, 8 were destroyed by Junior Lieutenant Pankov, 5 by Junior Lieutenant Pchelin, and 4 by platoon commander, Lieutenant Romashin."

As you can see, the IS-2 was quite effective at large distances, as the non-combat tests suggested.


  1. Hmm... I smell secret propaganda here... 2200 metres... Yeah... <:/

  2. No reason for them to be inaccurate, ballistics are ballistics lol

  3. They opened fire at 220-2400 meters. No one said that they knocked out any tanks at those ranges.

    1. The penetration data on the Soviet 122 rather strongly suggests that if it hits a Tiger pretty much anywhere at that range, save at very oblique angles, it will very likely penetrate it and take it out.

  4. i believe WoT info, rather this one.
    but keep up i love your blog :3

  5. 17 Tigers knocked out from more than 2000 m. What the brutal lost for this redoubted german tanks.

  6. Hey now, everything the West says is the absolute truth, and everything Russians say is a total propaganda lie. That's right, Tigers are invincible, Abrams is the best tank in the world, blah blah blah.

    M16 is not the best rifle in the world, M4 is. It is a small world of closed brainwashed minds, but it is a world.

    Mosin is a horribly inaccurate rifle for a dirty uneducated peasant. That's a fact. Fact to the ones who never shot one and just repeat the same old propaganda, but hey, so is an SKS, a pile of cheap mass produced garbage.

    Even though its milled from high grade steel, it's totally inaccurate, when compared to designated marksman rifles shooting match grade ammo, but yeah, Russian SKS is a total piece of junk.

    Altogether these days they cost a bit on the high side, junkers starting at $400 and go all the way up to $3K and above for the collector pieces. Just to think of it, they used to cost $65 each...

    Don't get me started on the AK, now that's a collection of propaganda lies and myths like nobody ever seen. Just take an AK into your hands, and you'll feel like you've been lied to by propaganda and falsified data.

    Yeap, just a typical commy cheap heap of total garbage. AK is so inaccurate, it literally can't even shoot. Anybody who says that 7.62X39 AKM easily hits plates at 400 meters with surp ammo from the 60s is just a commy liar.

    Don't get me started on the myth of 5.45 AK-74 easily hitting plates at 500 meters, and actually having terminal ballistics to effect the target. That, can never happen becasue it's Russian.

    That's why ATF banned Russian 5.45 ammo; not becasue of its mild steel core effectiveness against body armor, but specifically becasue its a lie.

    Everything Russian is a complete and total lie, so don't even try to think about it.

    Russian tanks could never penetrate the mighty Tiger, that's just laughable. All Tigers were destroyed either by aviation, by huge anti tank guns, or by their own crews that blew therm up after running out of ammo from shooting hordes of stupid suicidal T34s.

    You get the point.

    1. lol !!!! i own and still fire the russian junk you call rifles... yeah i got the moisin... its a shit stick , and as for russian tanks had superiority over german..... the allies had to issue directives to troops to stop calling tigers , "invulnerable" ,

    2. Oh wow you got a rearsenaled rifle firing surplus ammo 70 years after it was made, that's definitely an accurate representation of brand new tanks. Also I would very much like to see these directives, as I have never heard of them.

  7. Sooner or later, someone should take count of the 'Tigers' killed by this and that weapon. I'd bet that, only with soviet claims we will see very 'big' numbners, especially if they are as accurate as they were(n't) with airplanes killed.