Friday, 21 August 2015

RPG-40 Effectiveness

It feels pretty good to be in a tank against infantry. I mean, what can they really do against your armour? Turns out, well equipped infantry, even without AT guns or armour piercing bullets, can do plenty. Here's what happens when "Voroshilov's kilogram", a hand thrown anti-tank grenade, comes flying at you.

The machinegun ball is torn off, the driver's roof is gone, along with the driver. The massive crack running along the roof suggests that this tank will never be repaired. Livejournal poster 38t credits this photo to the 19th Tank Division, with the tank in it being #425.


  1. this is really effective and it is one of the most eligible weapon for war.

  2. What was the model German tank? I'm guessing a Panzer III.

    1. Could very well be a Panzer 38 (t), judging by the brittle armour and and an excessive amount of rivets, not to mention the gun mount.

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