Friday, 30 October 2015

German Tank Bunkers

Rounding out my collection of Soviet tank turrets dug in for defensive purposes, here are some designs for German attempts at the same thing. These three light tank turret designs appear mostly identical: a relatively short turret ring with a wider fighting compartment beneath it. Ammunition storage is not shown, but presumably it would be placed along the walls of the compartment.


  1. That's very useful as I have a few spare turrets lying around:)

  2. Here's a thought... would these tank bunkers have made much of a difference if the Nazis had created a turret specifically for the 75s or 88s that could have been produced and planted in large numbers along the Siegfried line, etc.? Say, one turret for every half mile or mile depending on availability. Just imagine, 10000 of these with at least a 75mm gun. If you placed MG34 or 42 nests in between each gun emplacement or next to said guns, this would be incredibly formidable. Who knows, it might have changed the outcome if this tactic had been adopted as early as '39 or '40 and established on every defensive line during the war along with the concrete fortifications. Instead of silly wastes of material such as the Gustav guns or the 2 Bismarck class ships. Thank the gods of war that the Nazi elite were idiots.

    1. Once you breakthrough at one point, the entire line is compromised. So the rest of the line will be cutoff and has to be abandoned.
      Even the bolsheviks could figure that out.

    2. Ever heard of the Pantherturm?

      And 10k is, idk, almost the sum total of *actual* tanks the Germans managed to put together during the entire period or so...

  3. Huh, I've never seen early panzer turrets in emplacements. I mean, there's the pantherturm and the 30.01 turrets on the Atlantic wall, but these are cool.

  4. Sorry for mig English, but the diffrence according to Siegfred Line wasnt canons but Hitler by Model had used all the infantry and most part og the other personal.

    Nice site - And why only Shermans. For Christmas I would like to have an Hellcat - and if not a german sturmkanone with panzerkanone instead oh howitzer and if not a Pershing if Idont have to cary i.

    Have a nice day